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比特幣,何時再出發?BTC的旗形,ETH的三角形,ETH/BTC屏息以待!教學視頻發布於2022-03-31 11:50:42



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    1. 提阿非羅大人

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  1. 最近透過123法則分析SNX,突破前高回踩,順利自己開單賺到錢,不再是盲目跟單

  2. I feel there are more to this market than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before
    !nvesting in this pretty much complicated market. I’ve made over 38 b tc from an allocation of 15 b tc over the last 8 months using Oliver help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move.

    1. The more reason you should get to reach out to hIM for more answers and insights needed

    2. Thank you for this information, I actually needed this push. I know this is a positive track. Please how do I reach him?

  3. ?Great video, I must say. Bitcoin’s price action has been fluctuated throughout the past few days and weeks, with bulls and bears both reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Bitcoin’s lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum. One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. He believes that the recent consolidation above this level bodes well for its near-term outlook and could indicate that significantly further upside is imminent in the weeks and months ahead. Tips like this are why it’s advisable for investors and newbies to trade with the help of pro traders like Stephen Diego. He is always one step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money . My earnings have increased drastically from 1 Bitcoin to 9Bitcoin in just 4 weeks using his strategy.

    1. Stephen Diego is a sincere man who understands the challenges faced by beginners.i started trading bitcoin under his guidance after seeing his interview with CNDH.He does not request for any chargers to teach investors on how to trade and generate profit for themselves .

    2. You are actually the fourth person that have spoke great about this strategy, I think I will try it out

  4. 胜兵先胜而后求战,败兵先战而后求胜


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